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Day 5: When it Comes to Pinterest, Listen to Mama

I have had a Pinterest account for almost a year, and have only recently begun to use it more, especially after attending a phone conference call about the site and learning a few things that persuaded me to return to using it.

My Pinterest = https://pinterest.com/kgkundurazieff/

In the simplest of terms Pinterest describes itself as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love” through visual imagery, including video. It doesn’t matter your interests, or whether you use it for personal or work reasons, the site has proved useful, entertaining and educational, to millions of users.


But why would you want to use it, and how do you use it, once you determine it’s for you? What are boards and how do you organize them, how do you follow other people, are among many questions you might have.

In mid-February I was encouraged, along with other people, to take part in a telephone rendezvous with a woman called Mama Red Knight, the mind behind an interesting, and educational website called Mama Red Speaks. On this site, on her blog and in other ways she spends her time demystifying the techie side of using the internet.


On a page on her site an interested person could sign up for the live Q & A set for 2/21, and submit questions and get instructions for participating sent to their email.

“To Pin or Not to Pin: That is the Question” was an interesting event, and easy to log into and participate in.

I got an email with instructions that included a phone number to call and a password to use to join the discussion. I used my cell phone, but you could use a landline just as easily.

I had no problem clearly hearing Mama or anyone else and, with pen and notepad at the ready, easily able to take notes as I listened.

She discussed many things about Pinterest, what it is, what it is good for, and tips on how to use it. The really cool thing is that she sent participants links to Windows Media Player recordings of the morning event (94 min.) and evening event (55 min.) that could be downloaded, free, to one’s computer for a limited time, something I remembered to do, at last, tonight!

Mama has had 15 blog posts that discuss various aspects of Pinterest and no doubt will have more.

The archive is here: http://mamaredspeaks.com/?s=Pinterest

****UPDATE – 3/8/13****

Day 6: What Mama Done Tol’ Me About Pinterest & My Thoughts, too


****END UPDATE****

4 thoughts on “Day 5: When it Comes to Pinterest, Listen to Mama

  1. Kiril: I appreciate this recap of your Pinterest account and phone call, but I can’t help but thinking that this blog post is just a teaser. What was your perception of Pinterest? What is your experience usig it? What did you learn from Mama? Perhaps that is the information that would have made this blog post complete.

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