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Day 6: What Mama Done Tol’ Me About Pinterest and My Thoughts, too

In yesterday’s post I wrote about Pinterest, and attending a phone conference presentation about it by Mama Red Knight.


Today I want to share what I learned in that call and thoughts about my own usage of the site.

My Pinterest is here = https://pinterest.com/kgkundurazieff/

Pinterest is all visual. Items posted are called “pins”, and are put on, organized by subject, “boards” on your Pinterest account. You post images, and videos, you like from around the internet, or your own, and each has a link to the pages where you found them so folks can go visit and maybe learn more about what you pinned. You can click on little “pin It” buttons on sites, if they have them, or use a button you can put in your tool bar.

Mama Red Knight says that statistics claim that 75% of users of Pinterest are supposedly women. Why that should be so is puzzling to me, but that just means there needs to be better marketing aimed at attracting guys to use it.

You can turn tips, topics, recipes, event promotion, and more into visual images shared with the world. For instance, I have 4 boards so far, 2 cat related, and 2 about recreational bicycling. Everything can be turned into something visual.

Think carefully about what to name your boards, and what to share in them, how to describe the boards and yourself as well.

What advantages are there to Pinterest? Mama says it depends on your goals; decide what you want to get back from pinning, and what you want to people to know about you and your interests. Share and reveal what you want to share and reveal and what you want to be known for in the world of pinning on personal boards.

By participating in “community boards” you can have more reach. Multiple people contribute to these so find a community that interests you and is appropriate to you, your message and your goals.

As you will see I have been using images from my blogs that will attract the interest of people, and maybe encourage them to check out the related blog posts and maybe the rest of the blog as well.

Mama talked about choosing pics that are longer than wide when appropriate, and using PowerPoint to make a pin, saving tips you want to share as actual graphics with a background. She also talked about pinning the stuff of others, not just your own, at maybe a 5 to 1 ratio. The more people who see what you do the more interest they will have (Viewers can “like” your pins and you can do the same for the pins of others). She encouraged following the boards of other users, even fellow Facebook and Twitter users.

I found signing up and setting up simple enough to do. Members can follow you, just as you can follow them. You can log in with Facebook, or Twitter, if you choose. Your profile only allows you to list one of your websites, or blogs, though, which forces you to choose unless you have one place where links to all can be found. You can get around that, to an extent, in your profile description if you choose, just stay within the character limit allowed.

On the main page of Pinterest you can click on any of 33 categories, the same ones you put your own pins in, and explore the pins of others, including current site favorites with the most likes and re-pins, and a “gifts” section where you can find products being promoted through pinning. See something you like? You can like it, comment on it, and even re-pin it to your own pages.

You can find and invite friends and I highly suggest you also check out the info on the copyright and trademark pages. If you are so inclined you can even get free Pinterest apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet, for those trying times when you are on the bus, or plane, in a Starbucks, or public restroom stall, just bored to tears looking for something to occupy yourself.


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