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Day 7: How I First got into YouTube

In July 2009 I joined YouTube and The MadMacedonian Broadcast Netwrk was born

Using a very simple Flip Cam, I made 5 videos.

There was nothing fancy about them and while only 2 of them were something to be proud of, YouTube watchers over the years have turned the silliest one into the most popular one in my collection.

I didn’t attempt anymore until last year, inspired, in part, by skills in Adobe Photoshop Elements and Powerpoint that I learned.

Of the 5 new videos made one is the one I am proudest of all and, it turns out, relevant to a discussion of social media and pet bloggers.

When I first started making videos the intent was not to promote my blogging and writing, in any serious way. I didn’t think I had the skills and resources, much less the time to do such a thing (Sony Handicams were out of my league, plus I live alone, and had no help to rely on). I made simple videos to share, about my cats and my interest in cycling and genealogy.

The video above was my first attempt to do something more serious and complex, as a way of promoting my cat blog to a wider audience.

For pet bloggers videos are ways not only to share amusing and entertaining videos of their pets, but to promote their blogs. Pet businesses, shelters and rescues, product manufacturers and others have learned to use YouTube to their advantage.

I no longer have that old Flip Cam, just the camcorder that comes with my little Canon PowerShot A4000 IS camera.

As I begin to consider what next with my YouTube channel I changed my photo, and will change my description of the channel as well.

I would like to change the primary email, an old Gmail account I rarely use, to the Gmail associated with my Google + account, if I can find out how to do so. Once that is accomplished then I can seriously move forward with my thinking about getting a cheap, quality camcorder, at some point, and figuring out what to do once I learn how to use it.

The thought of not just the cats in action, but videos related to my poetry and other things related to my blogging and writing interests has occurred to me.

You can watch all of my videos here = http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMadMacedonian/videos?view=0&flow=grid


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