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Day 8: The Social Media Menagerie – A Poem

In the world of social media for animal lovers…it’s a zoo out there.

The internet and blogosphere have been taking notice since at least 2008.

The Social Media Menagerie – A Poem

When Google yahooed about the Cat Blogosphere and Dogster barked at Catster,
LinkedIn’s eyes flickered pinterestedly @Twitter, while Facebook befriended everybody.
BlogPaws petizens said, “Love my pets, my looney pets!” and YapStar said “date my pet!”
As an animal attraction took pets places where pet passions
Led to much pet boogaloo among my pet friends in Pet Lovers Paradise.

Meanwhile, at the Carnival of the Cats, weekend cat bloggers disembarked from the Friday Ark
Ready to engage in some bird boarding, and fun at the Aquaria,
Leading some to meet-up with the pet doc at Pet St. on Paw Mountain,
Who advised them, “Take an instagram of aspirin and call me in the morning”.

My Horse and I shared his thoughts on this in the pet’s area of YouTube, and ZoogleTube,
Where people n pets are amused by the cuteness on display
And the scuttlebutt and paw talk is that all of this will lead someone
To encourage his compatriots in pet blogging to
Share their thoughts on Social Media for Critter Bloggers for the entire world to see.

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