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Day 10: Getting to Know WordPress – Pt. 2

Yesterday I had a little poetic fun at the expense of WordPress.


Today I want to share some initial thoughts after 10 days of use.

WordPress has many more things that make the blogging experience more interactive, especially between you and other WordPress users, than Typepad (http://www.typepad.com).

I think this interactivity accounts for all the attention, likes and follows I’ve been getting. In the 8 years I’ve been with Typepad, on 4 blogs, I can count on 2 hands all the similar, legitimate, activity I’ve gotten. Most of this type of in-house activity, over the years, has been spam.

The only drawback I see, so far, is that I can’t stop spam bloggers from being a follower. These types of people are not ones I want to be associated with even if it boosts all my different types of stat numbers. It’s like my traffic counter I put on each of my Typepad blogs; it will say I had 100 visits in one day, but yet I have 3000 spam comments the same day. 😀

I liked the ”like” function, and cascading comments in reply to a single comment, and how you are notified when others, on WordPress, mention your blog, or post, with a link in a post of their own.

I like the ability to read the blogs and topics I might choose to follow. A major plus over Typepad is that it’s easy to find fellow bloggers writing about cats, or pets when I use the search topics box.

The spam catcher is, so far, much more to my liking than the Typepad one.

I also find the comment management section, so far, to my liking.

There is much more going on here than I’m used to paying attention to, or being made aware of, and I look forward to getting more into it as time goes by.

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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