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Day 11: Attending Social Media Conventions Related to Your Interests

There are conventions and conferences, seminars, webinars, and all sorts of other “nars” so obscure in subject matter it would fry your brain cells in a nanosecond, year round, related to writing, writers and bloggers, of various sorts and interests.

Ever been to Comic-Con, a Star Trek Convention, or the Sexy Underwear Roadshow Extravaganza (just kidding about this one!)? Similar idea, but in my case there may be lots of litter boxes lying about at the one I want to attend.

Let me explain:

The event of interest to me, as a pet blogger and writer, is Blog Paws a 3 day event named after the website and community of the same name. I have wanted to attend since it began.

Why would someone want to attend an event such as this?

This is how I explain my interest in attending this particular event….

P3JCP_Feb2013aGood evening, from deep in the heart of Texas and Harris County, home of the 4th largest city in America and, not just a highly respected artist, acting and music community, but one of writers and poets.

My name is Kiril Kundurazieff, a 53 yr. old writer and blogger, with a love for cats.

I have been blogging since 2002, and a lot has changed. Platforms, books, techniques, tools, communities, and more, present so much for bloggers, old, and new, to absorb, and learn from, that it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

The world of critter blogging, alone, has grown so much, giving birth to offspring seemingly as fast as many of the animals doing the blogging, or being blogged about!

The Blog Paws website (http://www.blogpaws.com) dedicates itself to teaching pet enthusiasts how to use social media effectively, and so much more besides.

The annual social media conference, since 2010, has been THE social networking event of the year for critter bloggers. (http://blogpawsconference.com/)

I am writing to humbly ask for donations and sponsors to help me attend this 3 day event.


Attending this conference is ideal for me because it will help me take my blogging from hobbyist to a professional level. I will benefit from the networking, learning, and marketing opportunities.

It is an opportunity for me to not just learn new skills that will make me a better writer, and make interesting, useful connections, but to at last meet some of the many fellow pet writers I have called friends for years.

Sincerely yours,

Kiril Kundurazieff

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