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Day 16: Getting a Grip on Google Plus

Until recently I hadn’t tried to do much with my Google Plus account. I’ve long been a Gmail user, but I had to talk myself into giving this new thing a whirl. Seeing fellow pet bloggers, and writer acquaintances join I decided to as well.

The about page was simple enough to fill out, and adding profile and page header photos was easy as well.

It took me a while to figure out other things, though.

I learned that having circles is a fine way to organize all those G+ users you know and follow into easily identifiable categories that you name yourself. You can share your status updates just with circle members or with the general public as well, thus making it easier for other G+ users to find and follow you.

Click on find people in the more menu and you can search for others in G+ you may know.

I found this very easy to do. You can search for people in your Gmail, co-workers at past or current jobs, and old classmates at all the schools you attended as long as they list these businesses and schools in the profile.

You can +1 the things around the web you like, agree with, or want to recommend to others. That is, if there is a little G+ button on the site or page. Your friends and contacts may search on Google, and they could see your +1 of something they are searching for.

If you are familiar with Yelp and like sharing reviews of places with the world on that site, then being able to do the same, via Google + and finding your review turning up in a Google Search where a place has been rated and all the reviews of it, including yours, are listed for others to read, will appeal to you.

■ Anyone who views your profile on Google+ can see the review.

■ Anyone who searches for places, if they’ve added you to their Google+ circles can see the review.

■ Anyone who views places you’ve reviewed can see the review.

This evening I posted variations of two reviews I did on Yelp using G+.

I’ve shared photos, but not videos, and I’ve not yet tried Google chat. Hangout requires a plugin, for this video chat tool, and I attended my first one, recently, but didn’t get much out of it because I may not have downloaded the plugin. I am not sure if the plugin is a one-time download or must be done each time it is used.

Google + can seem intimidating, at first, and though I’ve managed to learn to do more with it that I thought possible, there is probably still more to learn.

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Getting a Grip on Google Plus

  1. Kiril, your description of google+ was beautiful. You correctly and comprehensively listed all the wonderful features of google+. The only question I have for you is why you had fear of using this tool in the first place? You mention frequently that you have fears of trying new social media tools, but I honestly do not understand! Anyone who has the guts to recite an original poem in an open mic session in public surely has the guts to try out new social media tools, except you, apparently.

    I have a feeling your reply to me might be long, so I suggest you address “social media fears” as a separate blog entry.

    • Thank you Amanda for the compliment.

      The short answer, I guess, is a combination of concern over not understanding the social media tool and being overwelmed in the learning and using, time-wise.

      But you are right, when I choose to “boldly go where” I’ve never gone before, like with open mics, and giving presentations in front of large audiences, I find things easier than I thought. 😀

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