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Day 19: Email – God Help Us All!

WWBFD? That would be interesting to find out, wouldn’t it?

“In today’s world of e-mail and overnight express mail service, the idea of a letter taking two weeks to travel from New York to Philadelphia seems almost comical.

Postal service in the United States was greatly influenced by Benjamin Franklin who was appointed Postmaster of Philadelphia in 1737, Joint Postmaster General of the colonies for the Crown in 1753, and Postmaster for the United Colonies in 1775.”

Ben Franklin, Man of Letters – pbs.org


What would Ol’ Ben do and think about email?

In his long life, he  wrote and received thousands of pieces of correspondence. Would Email mean he’d double or triple his output, and save every piece of correspondence he ever got, spam included?

How many email addresses would he have?

Don’t laugh, these are all valid questions.

Have you ever asked yourself “why am I doing this?”

I have 5 current email addresses and, until a few months ago 4 of them were stuffed with messages, read and saved, going back to 2009.

I am still getting used to the notion of reading and then deleting as necessary so as not to have hundreds of email going back 4 years, saved because either I was going to read them later, or there was something in them I wanted to copy down later. I went into my several email accounts, a couple of months ago and, um, well, the result was a massacre. It was a bloodbath, I tell ya! Deleted emails by the hundreds by the time I was through.

I still have too much email saved, but I am slowly working through the que.

Email is an essential social media tool that we can’t seem to live without.

I did a Google Search for “how many email addresses are too many?” and got a million hits back!

I even came across an essay purporting to explain “why you need at least 4 email addresses.”

A little obsessed over this question aren’t we people? Hee, hee!

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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