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Day 21: Social Media Success Requires Building a Platform

A year ago, April fool’s Day, was day 1 of a month long “Building a Platform” challenge by Robert Lee Brewer, author, writer, editor at Writer’s Digest, Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere, and blogger extraordinaire.

At the time, he wrote: “One of the most important tools for a writer trying to find success in today’s media environment is a strong platform.” I believe what he wrote applies to critter bloggers and writers as much as it does to those writing and creating in other genres. That’s why I was determined to take the challenge.

Describing myself and my accomplishments,, defining short term and long term goals, fine tuning things on what social media sites I was on, reaching out to comment on other blogs that interest me more frequently than I’d done in the past, and more, were all things I did that month.

In the past year I have made new friends, moved to a new city and state to start fresh, tackled new creative challenges, written a lot of new material, for both my blogs, whimsical, thoughtful, informative and inspirational in nature, faced challenging medical issues, and made new choices regarding my creative journey, including guest blogging,  failed efforts at poetry, and speaker, submissions, and successfully setting up a Facebook writer’s page, and a group as well as this related blog, and deciding to attend the Blog Paws Social Media Conference in May.

In just 3 days (3/26/12) another step in my creative and social media journey will take place over on my cat blog.

Deciding to take this step and all that has gone into making it possible, took some thinking, a willingness to stretch myself in new ways, and trust in the person who encouraged me to take this step, and the one who helped make it possible.

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