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Day 22: Social Media Interaction Leads to Lasting Friendships…

Sometimes, to those types of friendships that lead to what I am about to share in this post.

I have been a part of a growing cat blogging community since its infancy, in 2004. I have made many friends who have been supportive of me in times of need, and encouraging of my creativity and growth as a writer.

One such friend, someone responsible for running a very popular cat blogging networking and news site, up to the end of the summer, has been having a rough time of it since she and her cats left Texas, for Maryland, last Sept., and now things are getting desperate.

Critter bloggers from across America, and possibly beyond, are coming together for an auction to raise much needed funds to help her out.

On my cat blog, today, this is how Nikita and Elvira shared the news:

OK, listen up, felinity assembled! It’s payback time!

A very dear and cherished friend is in desperate need!

We cannot tell you in enough words how much Mom ML means not just to us, Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, and Daddy Kiril, but to all of the cat blogging community.

If, like Nikita and I, you have benefited from her support through auctions, kitty birth, medical, death, and other news and announcements, over the years then it’s time to show your love and support.

Without ML, and her tortie, the dear, fragile, KC, the CB website (http://www.blog.catblogosphere.com/) would have perished long ago.

Mom ML’s friendship and encouragement of Daddy Kiril during many trying times the last 3 years, alone, plus her encouragement of him and us, in our creativity, means so very much.

Daddy Kiril is donating a book and so are Nikita and I, to the auction and we hope some of you can donate something as well.

You can learn the details of the situation and how to donate, if you choose, here:

An Auction for Our Dear Friend ML & Her Cats


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