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Day 24: Don’t be Afraid to Try Something Different

Considering my mixed record, on this social media front, I’m one to talk, but slowly and surely I AM trying new things.

The latest is the decision to change the header of my cat blog, and to change its name, both 2 months ahead of my attending the Blog Paws Social Media Conference in May.

I paid a fellow cat blogger, who is a web designer, to help me create a new look, something than can be used on business cards, as well as in other changes to the look of my blog. It is something that has been on my mind since another friend suggested the header change several months ago.

As the reality of the change set in, last week, something dawned on me; Why not go the distance and change the name of the blog, too? The change I had in mind would, at last, bring the title of the blog in line with the website URL. All that was needed was the addition of one simple word.

With my twice having become a guest blogger, submitted a speaker proposal to Blog Paws (not accepted), had my first poetry submission not accepted, and being encouraged to think about chapbooks and eBooks, I have been learning to move my writing beyond being just that of  a longtime hobbyist and toward looking at myself in a more professional manner.

The new look incorporates a monocle and mustached cat alongside literary elements, in a colorful, and whimsical manner, with one element reflecting the opinionated personas I personify my 2 cats as having in their writing, in a unique and unexpected way. The new look is a way not just to attract readers, but to inspire me in new ways as a writer going forward.

I invite you to read all about this, from the perspective of my cats, who are the writers of the blog and comment on the new look as well.

FNN SPECIAL REPURRT: R.I.P. Meowsings…Please Welcome The Opinionated Pussycat!


O is for Opinionated! We Take Aim at All Things Cat, Taking No Prisoners


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