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Day 26: Be Your Own Cheerleader


I am exhausted. It has been a very long day and tomorrow will be longer.

I went on a 22 mile bike ride, my first long ride in Houston since I moved here, in Sept.

It will lead me to write the first of a series of piecse on one of my other blogs, related to cycling in the city. I wanted to have more material about my new home on my blogs as I reach out to local media to see about being a Stringer or Freelance Writer. Doesn’t hurt to ask, and see what I can learn.

I began the week by making a major change on my cat blog as part of branding and building a platform and end it in a biker bar, this evening, buying something that fits so perfectly with the new look that I had to have been meant to make this journey today.

In a comment, today, on yesterday’s post, my friend Amanda Socci reminded me that I sometimes am too hard on myself: “I think you are doing a great job learning what to do and what not to do in social media, Kiril. Try to give yourself a little more credit for everything you’ve managed to accomplish.”

I want to share a poem I wrote, last June, where I did just that, for maybe the first time in a while:


I believe in myself,
I have accomplished a lot, personally, and creatively,
As I’ve developed my writing talent for 14 years.
Leading me to do things
I once would never have considered.

God gave me talents
That He meant for no other,
I must find the strength, & determination, to utilize
My gifts or the world loses
Much the Great Creator meant for its enrichment.

My talent is an asset
Which should not be squandered in
A meaningless way.
Through my writing I have opportunity
To make a lasting impact on the world around me, and beyond.

I will let no one tell me
That I lack any merit,
For they cannot judge
What great contributions I
Present to humanity.

I will continue to
Be my own Cheerleader,
Letting my heart engage
Totally in all of life,
With as much creativity as I can muster.

Back then the new things I’ve recently done, in the social media realm, were the furthest things from my mind; Guest blogging, submitting a speaker proposal to a conference (not accepted), creating my own Facebook writer’s page, collaborating on a Facebook Group, making plans to attend a social media conference for pet bloggers, joining a pet blogger community, learning about chapbooks and eBooks, attending online presentations, changing the appearance and name of, my cat blog, and getting a new business card made in the bargain.

Look at all that. If I can find this much that I “managed to accomplish” in social media related ways, in less than a year, how about yourself?

If you don’t think your efforts make a difference, or are touching someone, someplace, consider this…


Meow Mingle Meeting of the Feline Bloggers Humans Purrfectly Delightful!


A while back I read and reviewed a pair of books by a cat blogging friend and in 2011 we met at a “Meow Mingle” at a popular LA pet store. Janiss Garza and her cat, Sparkle the Designer Cat, are well known and extremely popular bloggers and I discovered further proof of that this evening.

I was on a bus, on the way home from my bike ride, when I found myself chatting with the lady driving the bus. She not only was familiar with cat blogs, but asked me if I had heard of Sparkle. When I told her she was a friend and we had once met, it made her day. She was very interested in my own blog, and I gave her a card, inviting her to pay it a visit. I also invited her to email me and I’d send her the link to my story about meeting Sparkle’s human.

Take pride in what you have done and do your best to expand your knowledge, experiences, and accomplishments.

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