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Day 29: Why Are You On Twitter ? What Do You Use it For?

Why are you a Twit? Or is it a Tweep? I don’t know all the slang, not by a longshot, hee, hee!

What do you, as a writer, hope to gain out of using it?

I originally joined not just as myself, but as Nikita, my cat. “Nikita” participated among other critter tweeps, but I soon noticed a troubling trend. Not everyone he followed or followed him were fellow critter bloggers, but instead people, with little in their profiles, some downright strange, who were tweeting in nonsensical ways. I decided to stop being Nikita, and eventually began to focus my own tweets more on my pet blogging and writing interests.

As for goals: As I focus more on treating my social media platforms less from the hobbyist view and more toward the “I am a writer” view, I hope to use twitter to find a readership and make connections to help me learn and move forward.

To me, following hundreds or thousands of people, or being followed by that many didn’t used to make much sense, however, I have begun to list subjects and am willing to consider following 1000 people, in my interests.

I have never felt guilty about not spending an hour a day or more on twitter, but checking my feed once a day might lead to the discovery of something that could be informative and useful to me.

Share your own thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Day 29: Why Are You On Twitter ? What Do You Use it For?

  1. I use Twitter occasionally, but find that it is akin to standing in a very crowded room shouting out random thoughts without any guarantee that you’re being heard, much less listened to. And then there are the times that you’re in that room totally alone without knowing it.

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