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Day 30: The Power of Social Media to Move People and to Console

Today I want to share a story about the power of social media to affect people in very powerful ways.

Last week a cat died.

Some would say, “So? What’s the big deal, cats die every day?”

Well, in the corner of the cat blogging community I frequent a death is a time for showing love, support, and encouragement to those who suffered the loss, even if those sending purrs and purrayers were not regular readers of the blog in question.

My cat blog hosted the latest Carnival of the Cats, this weekend, and one of the submitting blogs was unfamiliar to me so I went to explore it, and discovered the person who wrote it had recently suffered the loss of a very dear cat.

Further exploration revealed that this blogger and his cat had been supporting the cat blogging community way back at its beginnings.

How come I’d never heard of this blog? Why no purrs and purrayers in the comments? Not being a cat blog, and only rarely posting about the family cats had led a once well known to the community cat to be nearly forgotten.

I, as my Cat Nikita, wrote a tribute post, yesterday, and shared it with The Cat Blogosphere website, where mention was made this morning.

I then left a comment of condolence on the blog post about the death of the cat at this website.

Within hours other cat bloggers started leaving comments and, as of this writing, there are 29 comments to that post.

Seeing this outpouring of support moved me to tears.

It also deeply affected the person who so loved that cat.

My tribute, with link to the beautiful essay written about Ripley the cat, by his human:

Rest in Peace, Ripley: Member of The Cat Blogging Community –  2005-2013


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