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Day 32: The Facebook Group is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

Well, for at least 333 more days anyway. 😀

It was an experiment begun by 2 people inexperienced at running Facebook groups and, in the end our inexperience and members unfamiliarity with my co-moderator, led to confusion, and some excessive crankiness by a few of the 22 members in the group who actively participated.

My friend and co-moderator, hurt and angry, left the group and there I sat alone with my 2 cats, looking out my window last night, at an angry sky that was wall to wall white lightning, sounding thunderous and pouring rain and hail the size of golf balls if not larger, for an hour.

Social Media for Critter Bloggers on Facebook was dead.

To all who showed the interest to have joined this group, and through all the unintended confusion found benefit from what we have attempted, I expressed thanks for sharing their thoughts. I know that my friend will appreciate the fact some of them have said she was of some help.

I appreciate their encouragement and support for the idea of keeping the group going, but I’ve decided not to. I never had the chance to toss in questions as I’d planned, so we could work as a team, and I could maybe learn to be a decent group moderator but my natural instinct is to dive in with thoughts on the subject in question, and toss in questions if they occur to me.

I don’t know what we were expecting, really, being first timers at running a group. It’s interesting that some understood what we were trying for, while being a little confused, and others didn’t care for it.

One of the best aspects of my blogs, both the cats and my own, over the years, is my talent as a writer, poet, storyteller, humorist, researcher, journalist, commentator, essayist, educator, reviewer, travelogue writer, etc…

I have decided to leave group administration to others with an interest in dealing with the “soap opera” side of doing so.

Our vision did not work and while it may be due to our inexperience, and changes could make the group work, it would not be what we were attempting, so I have decided to continue to focus my interest in this subject where I can make my best contribution, here on this daily blog.

If, in the future, anyone has a related topic, or question, that you think I might be interested in researching and writing about here, e-mail me at opinionated.feline (at) gmail.com

The group will be removed from Facebook on Friday morning.

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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