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Day 35: Pet Themed Interests for Stumblers

There you are, a pet blogger looking to see what “Interests” might apply to you.

If your animal companion is a bird, a cat, a dog, an exotic pet of some type, or a fish, there are “interest” categories for you, then
there are ones called “animals”, “pets”, and “zoology”, that seem a catch-all for everything else.

As a writer there are books, poetry, satire, weblogs, and writing “interests” as well and you might come across pet themed sites through “stumbling” those interest. Yes, some of these are pretty broad in their subject, but I don’t think giving an “interest” to every little aspect of each of these subjects makes much sense; the list would be long for each.

As for organizing your pet related stumbles into what are called “Lists” that is simple enough to do and focuses readers attention on
specific themes and interests you might have. For instance, I have a List I call “Cat Blogging” so when I stumble a cat related website that is a blog I can include it in that list.

I will also make several lists directly related to the content categories of my cat blog so I can better share some of my best, most interesting, work on StumbleUpon.

With a little time and effort My SU page will be of good use to me, and to anyone who checks it out, as well.

2 thoughts on “Day 35: Pet Themed Interests for Stumblers

    • Thank you for your comment and support, but I, for one, will not be following your SU.

      I find your blog interesting, and your SU appears just as varied, but your SU page tells me that I have to change my settings in my interests filter to see your content, and that appartently means a change to x-rated which would permanently restrict my audience.

      I curently am set at “Appropriate for all ages’

      Users of SU need to be aware that choosing R means only people who choose R or X in their interest settings will be able to see your content.

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