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Day 37: Preparing Posts for 2 Extended Periods Away from This Blog


As regular readers of my other blogs know, I’ve got a small to medium cancerous tumor (malignant melanoma) in my right eye and had to wait until I’d lived in Texas 6 months before I could qualify for the financial assistance needed to get treated by MD Anderson Cancer Center for this condition.

All the tests are done and the time has come to get this show on the road.


From April 18th thru the 24th, maybe the 25th, due to 2 surgeries, I will not be able to blog as I usually do, or be online much, if at all.

To ensure that this blog keeps up its daily pace I will be preparing and scheduling, posts for each day.

In mid-May I have been sponsored to attend the Blog Paws Social Media Conference in Tyson’s Corner VA, and will be there from May 16th thru the 19th.

I'm going to BlogPaws 2013 badge


I plan on taking my laptop and any blogging I do while at the conference will be for my other blogs, Musings of a Mad Macedonian and The Opinionated Pussycat.



Anyone who has a related topic, or question, relevant to the purpose of this blog, that you think I might be interested in researching and writing about here, e-mail me at opinionated.feline (at) gmail.com

Your suggestions will give me food for thought as I prepare posts for the days mentioned above.



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