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Day 38: More on Preparing Posts for Advanced Scheduling


Yesterday I wrote about preparing for a surgery, next week, and a pet blogger conference, next month.   I will need to schedule entries to this blog ahead of time to keepthe daily timetable, and asked for suggestions of topics to cover.   As of this evening I have already received a few good ideas, and we shall see how things play out.

I also plan to schedule posts for my cat blog and my personal blog, as well and, today, got started on such posts for the 17th thru the 24th on my cat blog.

For pet bloggers, with or without a large following, it is important that you have regular posts appear while away from the keyboard for a time and one thing I found that helps me out is that I’ve discovered photos on my computer, going back 3 years that, for some reason long forgot never got ready for sharing on the blog.

I spent yesterday getting them in shape and today readied 6 days of posts for sharing. I have 3 more days yet to prepare.

In the lead-up to the 17th I will, starting tomorrow, be posting daily as well. These posts will be round-ups related to stories I’ve encountered via specific Google word searches related to cats. Something I’ve made a practice of for several years.

The Opinionated Pussycat = http://www.opinionatedpussycat.com

On my other blog I have begun responding to a series of news stories, editorials, commentaries and blog posts from the Houston Chronicle newspaper that I’ve been collecting since February.

For my time way, starting the 17th, I plan to schedule a series of posts about my first major bike ride in Houston, a ride on which I took notes and a series of photos.

Musings of a Mad Macedonian = http://www.madmacedonian.com

It is my hope that all this activity, now, and in May, gives pet bloggers reading this blog and the others some ideas about how they too can handle similar events.

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