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Day 39: Follow-up to “Reaching Out to Social Media” Post

It has been an exhausting day, today, as I have been preparing posts for scheduling next week on my 3 blogs and writing 2 new pieces for my Musings of a Mad Macedonian blog.

Before heading to bed I just wanted to follow-up on my Day 36 essay “Reaching Out to Local Media In Your Social Media Efforts“.

On that post I linked to a pair of pages on my cat blog that illustrate how well reaching out has worked for it, over the years.

The same applies for my other blog, though I have yet to return the links to a page on it.

What they’re saying about the Mad Macedonian – A small sampling

Costa Mesa Daily Pilot Interview – August 14, 2005

Instapundit – 4/27/08: Glenn Says Head for the Hills!

Rock and Roll Icon Alan Merrill10/6/08: “Funny! Clever and Inventive!”

Pulitzer Winning Columnist AL MARTINEZ11/10/08: Beautiful!—Your legs, your comments and you.

Michelle Malkin12/10/08:Too Funny!

RANDY EADY: Founder of KR Therapeutics & a Cycling Advocate (3/4/11)
Kiril is a talented, responsible, ethical, professional writer. I’ve frequently relied on his technical writing skills (in numerous social media platforms) to represent a balanced and — humorous — perspective to expand/add tremendous value to the underlying message I’m delivering in health and sustainable lifestyle advocacy. Great work that can be easily sampled at various blog sites he maintains and supports. (Context, & About Randy)

VRev John A. Jillions, St. Paul U. – Ottawa, VP Canadian Council of Churches (3/29 -3/30/2011): “I very rarely comment on blogs, but I appreciated your photo, your memories and your attempts to make a connection.” (Full Correspondence & Full Context)

The latest occurred just a few hours ago, in response to one of the stories I linked in Day 36, so go check it out. 😀

The above list is a mix of people I reached out to, and others who either reached out to me (the interview), or came across my piece somehow (Alan Merrill stumbled across my riff on his song while doing a Google search).

No matter what type of blog you write, personal blog, pet blog, bike blog, or something else social media interactions matter and can help you reach a wider audience, both short term and long term.

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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