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Day 40: Amazon and Sharing Your Opinions

I first reviewed a book I read, on Amazon, in the year 2000.

In the years since I’ve only posted 59  more reviews, 8 of them cat-themed books.

In retrospect maybe I should have participated more on the site. God knows I have certainly read a hell of a lot of books in the last dozen years!

Amazon has evolved a lot since I first used it, and selling ebooks, and e-book readers is only part of the evolution.

It is very easy to review books and other products you have purchased from Amazon and those you have not, your member profile keeps all your reviews in chronological order and you can see comments people have left, and see how many people found your review helpful, or not.

My profile page has room for me to introduce myself, and list where I blog, as well.


Why would you want to share your thoughts on pet themed books and pet related products, here?

To make connections with other pet writers is part of it, but this is also one more way to attract readers to your blog, not to mention some book publisher, or product manufacturer, might find it worth their while to ask you to advance review of something on your blog.

Also, doing reviews is another way to sharpen you writing skills.

An amusing side note to making your personal profile;

In both the “In my own words” and “Interests” section, the only way you can include the url to a 2nd blog you may write is this way:  madmacedonian dot com

Using http://www.madmacedonian.com or leaving out the http or that and the www gets you accused of trying to slip a little porn, or foul language into your profile and the program orders you to change it. 😀

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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