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Day 42: Hark! What Klout Throughout Yonder Internet Do You Have?

So, there you are, a humble cat, bat, or rat blogger, with years of writing behind you, 100 visitors a day mostly via Google searches, the occasional comment, a few friends on Facebook and Twitter, still trying to figure out Google Plus, and fascinating enough to spambots that 3000 of them a day stop by your blog to say hello.

And now, here’s this website encouraging you to see how much influence you have on your fellow users of the internet, through your use of a select group of social media sites; It takes you more than an hour to stop rolling on the floor with laughter, get back in your chair, and check out the website to see what it is all about.

Klout began in 2008 with the notion that we all have influence “the ability to drive action”. The purpose of the site is to show even you and me that we can influence the world and its future”.

Using Klout is supposed to empower you, the user, to unlock your influence and understand the power of your unique and powerful voice on others.

Back in November a friend tweeted that she had given me a “+K” on Klout. She had suggested I check it out, but I didn’t. The other day another friend did the same and, because my view on using social media tools had changed and I thought that learning to use the ones I was on, and learning about new ones would help me in my writing and platform building pursuits, I decided to join.

I will have more to say once my initial Klout Score and other info is calculated and shows up on my member page tomorrow.

When I finished signing up my initial score was 45, but I was assurred that would change as the system worked it’s magic evaluating all sorts of info from the social media sites I use that they track.

That could be good news or herald the coming of the apocalypse, so stay tuned.


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