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Day 44: Photos for Blogs: Which Comes First, the Writing or the Photos?


I first shared photos of Nikita on my original blog, in 2005, as “Nikita” began to blog a lot more than in the previous 3 years.

Photos didn’t begin showing up on my bike blog until 2006, I think.

With my cat blogging, which comes first depends on what I am doing, or not doing.

Pictures involving my own cats can be taken and inspire a later post, or if I have something I want write about and a related item to pose the cats with, then I set it up and let curiosity take its course.

There are times when I have my camera handy when I see cats or other animals on the street, take photos and create a story around the images later.

If there are subjects, events, or places, I want to write about on the cat blog, or my other blogs, and want to include photos, I bring along my camera, using a tiny tripod, a tripod mounted on my bike, or on my walking stick.

If I want to appear in the photo I thank God for a passer-by, and also for 10 second delay.

In tying this to a social media angle I’ve attended festivals and conferences, been invited to cover concerts and film previews, been sponsored to attend a red carpet charity event, gave presentations and performed at open mics. At all of these I have taken photos, used them in related blog stories, plugged various organizations, people and websites, and let them know of my stories, resulting in various levels of correspondence, feedback, and reciprical responses.

What about you, dear reader? How would answer the question in the title of this post? Why?

Share in a comment, or let me know of a related blog post you have written.

2 thoughts on “Day 44: Photos for Blogs: Which Comes First, the Writing or the Photos?

  1. I seem to only take photos as I’m developing a blog idea. For example, I create recipes and take photos in the process then I write the blog post. However, taking photos before writing or an idea could be beneficial for later. Especially when ideas seem scarce.

    • Interesting, Sopphey.

      In the weeks since this postI’ve had the chance to go a few places and, knowing I would write blog posts about 2 of the events after my surgeries I took plenty of photos.

      On Saturday I made a last minute decision to attend an tour and do the dinner after so took my camera along not knowing what might happen.

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