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Day 48: Goodreads and Sharing Your Opinions

Goodreads says it is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Unlike Amazon its sole purpose in life is centered on books.

You can see which books your friends are reading, and be surprised that someone who hated English in High School now loves the classics, or that man’s man, he-man football and NASCAR loving friend, reads Harlequin novels. 😀

You can track the books you’re reading, have read, and want to read. You can check out your personalized book recommendations, tailored to all sorts of interests. You can not only rate a book you have read, but write a review.

Why would you want to share your thoughts on pet themed books, here, or get involved at all?   To make connections with other pet writers is part of it, just as with Amazon but this is also one more way to attract readers to your blog, not to mention some book publisher, or product manufacturer, might find it worth their while to ask you to advance review of something on your blog.   Also, doing reviews is another way to sharpen you writing skills.

It was real easy to set up an informative profile.

You control who can see your profile; the information on the profile tab, your bookshelves, your friend list, and other Goodreads members’ comments on your profile.

There are 19 types of update feeds to choose from; you decide what shows up on your profile and your friends’ homepages.

There are widgets that allow you to show off what you are reading on your blog, or any other website you have.

There is a huge collection of “Find at” links that you can add related to websites that “let you find the book you’re seeing at your favorite online book store, or any site that lets you search by ISBN in a URL. “

These are intended to link to sites that have an ISBN search and have a large catalogue of books.

When you initially join you are prompted to select 20 books from a host of predetermined categories, that you have read, and rate them. This allows Goodreads to make recommendation of books you might be interested in.

The good thing is that once beyond this you can look in other genres and sub-genres.

You can make lists of books you have read, or want to read, such as cats, and writing, let’s say even check out the list site, Listopia. I can list all the books in my collection that are still available and have an ISBN number.

There is a flourishing community on Goodreads: groups, creative writing, people and events. Goodreads Voice is an always updated collection of posts about new books, interviews, videos, blog posts, and other things.

Check out = http://www.goodreads.com

My Goodreads page = http://www.goodreads.com/kiril_kundurazieff

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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