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Day 50: A Simple Milestone, But a Milestone Nonetheless


This is the landscape of my universe. Boldly go where few have dared before!

Enter a land of creative writing, cycling, hiking, cinema watching, book reading, genealogy, humor, cats, & observation of, and commentary on, my everyday life, and the events in the world in general.

A land so far off the beaten path that few know of its existence.

Neither map, nor bread crumbs, will help you here.

So beware, and memorize your route as you enter my world…….

I stumbled across a 1 page and one page only, version of my original Blogger blog, showing its final post and this was its simply worded and amusing header.

I have come a long way since Sept. 2003, when I switched to MovableType, before going to TypePad in 2004.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of blogging on my various blogs, sometimes every day for days at a time, but I can’t say, for sure, I ever did 50 days straight on any of them. With 2 or 3 blogs going at once, though, it’s possible that I did maybe that many consecutive days of blogging between them.

I am proud to have gotten this far on this project, and believe I will reach my goal.

Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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