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Day 52: Social Media Uber Alles!

Have you ever wondered just how many social media websites there are on the internet?

Has the motto of the internet become “Social media above everything else!?”

As I write this it is Wednesday evening, I am about to head to bed, and the first of my 2 eye cancer surgeries, over the next few days, is tomorrow afternoon.


As I was signing up for a new site, to be discussed in future entries, the site offered me a list of 181 social media sites if I wanted to list any I belong to in my profile.

I’d say that maybe 150 of those sites listed are ones I’ve never heard of before.

Keep in mind that this list was put together with the purpose of the site in mind, and probably nowhere close to being comprehensive.


Toss in your 2 cents! I'd Love to hear from you!

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