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Day 56: What Do You Do When An Event Invite is Extended? Pt. 4

Two years ago, this month, I was chosen as a runner-up in the very first Purina Cat Chow Correspondent contest. I was one of hundreds of bloggers who applied for a chance to have a one year, $50,000 salary, postion with so much for the person to do to promote Purina, and attend, and write about, Cat related issues, and events, that my cat, Nikita, claimed that it “blew my furry little mind (Not! Hee, hee!)”.


Would you jump at a similar chance if offered to you, even if there was no salary involved?

I did, in 2008, when I was approached to become a member of the Pacific Symphony Citizen Press Corp, in Costa Mesa, Ca.

In January 2008 I got an e-mail:


Hi.  I’d love to invite you to attend a concert as a guest of the Pacific symphony.  Then write about your experience on your blog.  I am an advocate for live classical music and a supporter of the Pacific Symphony in the OC.  Critics attend concerts and write about them. It would be interesting to have the fresh perspective of the citizen journalists writing about their experience at a concert. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Kate Peters

Intrigued I replied, and learned that she is an author, performer, speaker, and advocate for the Pacific Symphony, and discovered my older blogging.

I, of course wanted to know…Why me? I told her a bit about my past, which I will also get into below, relevant to her invitation:

The reason I chose to send you the invitation is because 1) I liked that you comment on culture, have an educated opinion about things, and are a music fan.  Now that I know you are also a violinist that cinches it.  2.)

Your blog was on a list I found as one of the best blogs in the OC.

I liked your style and thought you might be game to join in our new “press corps”.  Finally, now that you have written to me and I know more about you, I think you HAVE to participate because you would like it.


Mad Macedonian: Culture Critic = http://www.madmacedonian.com/2008/02/mad-macedonian.html

Examples from 2 yrs. as a participant, probably one of the few who actually took his participation seriously:

American Composers Festival 2008: An American Tale – Pt. 1 = http://www.madmacedonian.com/2008/02/american-compos.html

American Composers Festival: Hollywood’s Golden Age = http://www.madmacedonian.com/2009/03/american-composers-festival-hollywoods-golden-age.html

To this day my concert reviews are still attracting readers and I am always finding someone mentioning one in a blog, or community forum.

As with all my other examples in this series, don’t dismiss opportunities such as this. You never know where they may lead.

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