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Day 61: Should a Pet Blogger Join HuffPo, The Blaze, and Similar Sites?

It’s been a long day of writing on my other blogs, today, but I want to address a question asked of me the other day:

Are you registered with HuffingtonPost.com as a member? Why or why not? What are your reasons for registering or not registering?

HuffPo, The Blaze and other similar sites cover a variety of topics but are also well known for their political affiliations: Democrat/Liberal vs Republican/Conservative and have communities of registered members who comment up an often combative storm.

Depending on your politics, or even inspite of your politics, you may be tempted to engage HuffPo and other sites that make a point to cover a lot of animal themed news stories and issues.

Personally, I’ve chosen not to register because I’d rather not attract the class of disagreeable trolls who register and comment on sites  they disagree with or attract the venom of commentors from these sites who may disagree with me and do so in less than constructive ways, simply because of a difference in political views.

On my cat blog, over the years, I’ve linked to and commented on, stories posted on those sites, finding much to like in the reporting.

When I tweet my story I’ll include the Twitter handle of the site and/or story writer, willing to see where that might lead, but that’s it.

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Day 61: Should a Pet Blogger Join HuffPo, The Blaze, and Similar Sites?

  1. You choose not to register on Huffington Post because of the possibility that others will comment negatively on your post? Your answer is valid and I respect your opinion. However, I can’t help but to think that you’re basically turning down free exposure of your unique brand of writing just because of an unfounded fear of what might happen.

    I am going to ask you to reconsider Huffington Post and forget about the politics. What fascinating topic would you write about? How about developping a good blog post on social media observations?

  2. I am not afraid someone might disagree with me, hell, my decade of blogging is full of comments and shared e-mails that took exception to my journalism, essays and opinion.

    I’m willing to register for commenting on HuffPo and maybe a few others, and take full responsibility for my contributions. The ability to use fake names allows people, with no interest in civil discussion to rant and rave behind anonymity, and I’ve seen far too much of that over the years and seen how it can get out of hand.

    That’s why the reluctance to dive back in, even on a limited basis.

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