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Day 66: Conquering Wi-Fi

Well, shoot! THAT was easier than I thought!

Well, shoot! THAT was easier than I thought!

Wi-fi, oh what fun!
My very first connection has been done.
Going live, I felt no dread.
I found logging online easy, let it be said.
I didn’t expect to get all damn emotional about it, for cryin’ out loud!

There I was, this morning, sitting in a local McDonald’s, venturing forth to make a Wi-Fi connection to the internet for the very first time. The minute I successfully signed on I felt my heart skip a beat, my throat tighten, and my eyes start to well up. It was another one of those firsts on my creative and technology learning journey that made me happy and gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I know, silly, huh?

I have had my laptop since October, but had never used it beyond the confines of my apartment until now. I was not sure how it worked, but knew I wanted to learn how before my trip to the Blog Paws Conference so I could take the laptop with me.

I did a google to find free wi-fi hotspots near where I lived and found a location and the instructions for logging on to that network. I wrote the instructions down, packed up my laptop, extension cord, cordless mouse and a notepad in the case I’d bought, and sallied forth

As a writer, with or without a blog, knowing how and where you can use your laptop, away from home, is a handy skill to have. Whether you want to do some writing in the atmosphere of a bookstore, library, restaurant, bar, cafe, or just from your hotel on a trip the chance to blog in different environments can be a spur to creativity and inspiration.

When I turned on my computer and went to my Network & Sharing Center I clicked on the network name my instructions said to, made sure my advanced share settings were on “Public”, for maximum security, then clicked on the explorer icon in my toolbar to go to online. I was immediately taken to a McDonald’s welcome page, clicked on “free connection”, accepted the terms of service, clicked continue, and went online.

It was as simple as that.

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