Day 69: So You Have a Facebook Page? What Next?

Thoughts on how to get folks on FB to notice your page.

Thoughts on how to get folks on FB to notice your page.

There you are, with your brand spankin’ new Facebook page about your pet blog, the trick is now to get people to stop playing Farmville long enough to notice. 😀

The folks over at Socially Stacked have their own theories about how to go about this, and made a nifty, thought provoking  PDF one can save for future reference and study.

Their 14 ways to boost visibility and attract shares are a varied lot:

1. I post more than 5 times a week, but there’s no guarantee anyone is reading if I get no feedback.

2. Does what time I post play a role in attracting more shares? I post when I get a chance, not just the same time every day so can’t really say without feedback.

3. Would photos attract more sharing? Hey, Elvira! Come over here, I need you to lay in your patented “sexy” pose, with your food bowl!

4. Would treating your status updates as you do Twitter, and do maybe just 3 lines of text (150 characters) matter?

5. Writing something relevant to your audience might bring more likes and shares, but it still comes down to getting feedback to know.

6. Your fans like what you do so staying true to your brand makes sense if you know what your brand is and how to promote it on Facebook. Something I am still learning how best to do.

7. When it comes to asking readers to share and like how much asking is too much? With asking for comments I have no problem asking when I feel appropriate as I want feedback and am trying to engage readers in discussions of a subject.

8. Not having tried contests and surveys, but having seen others do so, I know the participation level can vary widely.

10. Before posting consider whether readers will find something useful, interesting, or entertaining. As a blogger I like to thing every post meets that standard, and when it comes to posting links to content from elsewhere I try to post things I feel worthy of sharing.

11. “Entertaining” is my middle name…and that of each of my cats, too!

12. Did I mention that we each have TWO middle names? It is “Educational”. 😀

13. Are you a list maker? Do you check it twice? Lists may attract readers who would want to share them.

14. Being seasonable is no problem; I’ve written poems with the themes based on the subjects I blog about quite often, especially during the Christmas season.

With a little time, effort and patience, these ideas may help attract an audience


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Musings of a Mad Macedonian

The Opinionated Pussycat


Day 59: Fine Tuning My Facebook Page Name

A salute to a great future still ahead of me

A salute to a great future still ahead of me

I’ve begun reading We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media by Kristen Lamb, and one of the things she discusses, right off the bat, is proper branding:

“As a writer, your big goal should be to link your name interminably with your content…The absolute only acceptable username (brand)  is the name you desire to publish under…The internet has valuable real estate that you will want to command. How you claim tghat  digital real estate is by using your name.”

All of my social sites use my full name, first name with last initial, or first and middle initial with last name (due to space limitations), except for my Facebook writer’s page that I set up last December.

This evening I chose to bring my FB in line with the others by changing A Mad Macedonian and 2 Opinionated Pussycats to…

Kiril Kundurazieff, Writer =

The Mad Macedonian, The Mad Houstonian, The Cycling Dude, and Opinionated Pussycats (Nikita and Elvira Mistress of Felinity) are all creative sides to me, the writer and by keeping  my name at the front of my social media efforts people will learn to associate me with those personas on my blogs.


Day 32: The Facebook Group is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

Well, for at least 333 more days anyway. 😀

It was an experiment begun by 2 people inexperienced at running Facebook groups and, in the end our inexperience and members unfamiliarity with my co-moderator, led to confusion, and some excessive crankiness by a few of the 22 members in the group who actively participated.

My friend and co-moderator, hurt and angry, left the group and there I sat alone with my 2 cats, looking out my window last night, at an angry sky that was wall to wall white lightning, sounding thunderous and pouring rain and hail the size of golf balls if not larger, for an hour.

Social Media for Critter Bloggers on Facebook was dead.

To all who showed the interest to have joined this group, and through all the unintended confusion found benefit from what we have attempted, I expressed thanks for sharing their thoughts. I know that my friend will appreciate the fact some of them have said she was of some help.

I appreciate their encouragement and support for the idea of keeping the group going, but I’ve decided not to. I never had the chance to toss in questions as I’d planned, so we could work as a team, and I could maybe learn to be a decent group moderator but my natural instinct is to dive in with thoughts on the subject in question, and toss in questions if they occur to me.

I don’t know what we were expecting, really, being first timers at running a group. It’s interesting that some understood what we were trying for, while being a little confused, and others didn’t care for it.

One of the best aspects of my blogs, both the cats and my own, over the years, is my talent as a writer, poet, storyteller, humorist, researcher, journalist, commentator, essayist, educator, reviewer, travelogue writer, etc…

I have decided to leave group administration to others with an interest in dealing with the “soap opera” side of doing so.

Our vision did not work and while it may be due to our inexperience, and changes could make the group work, it would not be what we were attempting, so I have decided to continue to focus my interest in this subject where I can make my best contribution, here on this daily blog.

If, in the future, anyone has a related topic, or question, that you think I might be interested in researching and writing about here, e-mail me at opinionated.feline (at)

The group will be removed from Facebook on Friday morning.

Day 13: Facebook and I – Pages and Groups, Oh My!

Setting up a regular Facebook account for me, all those years ago, was simple enough. The “about me” page gave me an opportunity to share my work history, educational background, where I have lived and currently live, when I was hatched, if I’m attached or unattached, and just what in the tarnation I am attracted to within my own species, not to mention religious and political views.

A special “about you” section allowed me to spend a few paragraph talking about myself, who I am, what my interests are and anything else I chose.

Until the last couple of months I was happy with most of what I had shared and how I shared it. As I’ve begun to focus more on my interest in pursuing a writing career I developed an updated version of the “about you” and chose to list my current occupation as “blogger and freelance writer – 2002 – Present” with the following description:

I am a creative writer and blogger with 10 years of experience in storytelling, poetry, reporting, and photography. I have created more than 4500 blog posts of original content for four blogs on the themes of creative writing, hobbies, culture and society, personal journey, and enlightenment, adventures in bicycling, and unique “cat opinions and thoughts”… The hallmark of my writing is my wit and peculiar sense of humor.

Status updates, photo sharing, commenting on the status updates of others, finding friends, and pages to follow and a few groups to join, were easy things to master.

Setting up a page for me as a “writer” was a bit more of a challenge. I had to choose the right category, and type of page and, in the “basic info” section of the “about” page I had to describe personal information and interests in a way appropriate for what I wanted to accomplish with the page itself.

Writing a biography that was at once personal and also descriptive of whom I am, and hope to become, as a writer took a little thinking, but I am satisfied with the result.

Building an audience, especially one with people who might toss in their 2 cents from time to time, takes a bit of work. There is no guarantee that your email contacts and FB friends will have the time and interest to follow you, which means you have to learn how to attract others.

I like how you can see when new people like and follow you, and how you can allow people to contribute posts and you can moderate the discussions and contributions.

Once you reach a certain number of likes all sorts of traffic related statistics become available for your edification and amusement.

I am still feeling my way around learning how best to put my page to use and engage readers in to contributing to the general discussion.

Groups are a whole ‘nuther ball of wax. More complicated more challenging and time consuming for the person, or persons who set one up. Choosing the category and explaining, in a basic way, what the group is about is simple enough, but then comes the more challenging things that need to be done.

Creating a file for any number of reasons is easy enough to do; I created one for a mission statement for the group related to this blog.
For a person who has never moderated a group before, such as me, there is the challenge of being more moderator and presenter of questions for the group to discuss, than doing a lot of regular commenting.

Just as with a page building a membership, especially one with people who might toss in their 2 cents from time to time, takes a bit of work. There is no guarantee that your email contacts and FB friends will have the time and interest to join, which means you have to learn how to attract others.

Another thing to consider is whether you want an open or closed group. Closed means that, other than the membership roster and group description, non-members have no further access to what’s going.

As you can see involvement in social media can be done in a variety of ways and that’s just on one website.

Day 12: Facebook and I – Reasonably Good Friends Since 2008

Just why did I join Facebook in 2008?

Facebook says its mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

I wanted to connect with friends in blogging, and make new connections. I wanted to share my writing with a wider audience, hoping to attract more readers to my blogs. I wanted to share other interests, my photography, and interesting happenings in my everyday life.

I wanted to find other sources of the daily news of the day and enjoy humorous postings, thoughtful sayings, and more.

I didn’t give a crap about games, or Farmville, and other such nonsense. It didn’t take too long before I realized that games and apps of all sorts were time wasters. One could just as easily get glued to their computer screen on Facebook, as they could get glued to the TV set all day long.

I found adding photos a fun and easy thing to do. Commenting and replying in my statuses and those of others when entries of interest appeared was fun and often informative. Learning of events I might want to attend where I lived was useful, and wishing friends a “Bappy Hirthday” made their days.

In 2010 I made my first attempt at a Facebook Page related to my blogs, but had no clue how best to use it so retired it. I even gave my cat, Nikita, his own account but eventually gave up on it as a time waster.

During all this time I saw how others were using their own pages to promote business, blogs and writing careers. In the past year I began to consider the idea of opening a new Facebook Page devoted to me as a writer, one element of turning my various social media accounts into platforms to help promote my creativity.

This year I have not only taken the plunge and made a page, but even opened a group on Facebook.

Where all this will lead me I am on a journey to find out.