Day 72 : Blog Paws Conference Preview


BlogPaws was founded in 2009 by three pet lovers and bloggers – Caroline Golon of and Yvonne DiVita and Tom Collins of Scratchings and Sniffings and Windsor Media Enterprises.

The conferences are a great way for pet bloggers to connect with other pet bloggers  They gather to share expertise, tell stories and support one another. The sessions offer educational training and insight from industry experts in all sorts of topics such as SEO, Branding, Publishing, Video, Email Marketing, Photography, Writing, Blog Platforms, and a lot more.

This year I finally get to attend!

There are just a few days before the BlogPaws 2013 Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference and I want to share with you what’s on my agenda for those 3 days and a few other thoughts from discussions, today,  with fellow members of the Blog Paws Community Conference Newbies Group.

On day one there will be a Be the Change presentation on animal rescue at Sandy Hook and a Bloggers vs Vets discussion on how the 2 sides can work together and network.

There will be an evening welcome reception as well.

On day 2 the opening keynote speech is by Steve Dale then I plan to attend these presentations:

1. Facebook: Building fans to your page.

2. WordPress for beginners and converts.

3. Purina will be hosting a pair of presentations and I chose to attend the 2nd one:

A. The Link Between Diet and Domestication: 10,000 Years of Dietary Influences on the Canine Genome presented by Arleigh Reynolds.

B. Pet Welfare in America presented by Brenda Bax and David Meyer (of Adopt A Pet).

4. Using social media to be an effective advocate,

KIRIL-21 On day 3 the opening keynote speech is by Clara Shih, author The Facebook Era.

The presentations I want to attend are:

1. Foundations of reporting for pet bloggers.

2. How to write and print on demand your book in 90 days.

3. Taking Twitter beyond a Tweet.

4.  Standing out in the popular niche of pet blogging.

The evening will be centered on events connected with the BlogPaws 2013 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards and the “Pawty” afterwards.

Sidebar Badge1

There will be an exhibition hall, and plenty of free swag,

I am looking forward to meeting many of my fellow pet blogging friends and also meeting my friend, the creative idea gal, Amanda Socci.

It was announced today that BlogPaws Sold Out and there would be Livestreaming (Details about the livestreaming included).

I went onto the Blog Paws Community website for the first time since before my eye surgeries to catch-up and hopefully learn a few things to help this newbie survive the experience.

The hotel will have free internet for conference attendees, and many attendees will be bringing their laptops and even using them to take notes during presentations.

Me? I’ll bring my laptop, but will be using good old fashioned notepads and pen for note taking.

While the evening events will require business casual, or fancier, attire, many people will be wearing casual during the day, including t-shirts with their pets on them.

I will be bringing mine and will see about wearing it. It would definitely help people familiar with Nikita and Elvira to pick me out of the crowd.

I will be bringing all my Opinionated Pussycat business cards (around 200) and expect to be exchanging cards with many people.

I expect to learn a lot, make some useful connections and who knows what else. Most important I expect to have fun, loosen up, and relax among friends, people who understand me and my love of this particular niche of the blogosphere.

The Blogs of Kiril Kundurazieff:

1. Mad Macedonian

2. The Opinionated Pussycat

3. SMFCB: A 365 Day Project


Day 30: The Power of Social Media to Move People and to Console

Today I want to share a story about the power of social media to affect people in very powerful ways.

Last week a cat died.

Some would say, “So? What’s the big deal, cats die every day?”

Well, in the corner of the cat blogging community I frequent a death is a time for showing love, support, and encouragement to those who suffered the loss, even if those sending purrs and purrayers were not regular readers of the blog in question.

My cat blog hosted the latest Carnival of the Cats, this weekend, and one of the submitting blogs was unfamiliar to me so I went to explore it, and discovered the person who wrote it had recently suffered the loss of a very dear cat.

Further exploration revealed that this blogger and his cat had been supporting the cat blogging community way back at its beginnings.

How come I’d never heard of this blog? Why no purrs and purrayers in the comments? Not being a cat blog, and only rarely posting about the family cats had led a once well known to the community cat to be nearly forgotten.

I, as my Cat Nikita, wrote a tribute post, yesterday, and shared it with The Cat Blogosphere website, where mention was made this morning.

I then left a comment of condolence on the blog post about the death of the cat at this website.

Within hours other cat bloggers started leaving comments and, as of this writing, there are 29 comments to that post.

Seeing this outpouring of support moved me to tears.

It also deeply affected the person who so loved that cat.

My tribute, with link to the beautiful essay written about Ripley the cat, by his human:

Rest in Peace, Ripley: Member of The Cat Blogging Community –  2005-2013

Day 27: Where You Can Find Me on Social Media

Having, proudly, made it this far, I figured it might behoove me to share links to my various locations on the web.

My Blog 1 = Musings of a Mad Macedonian

Day 23: Spending the Day Updating an Important Part of My Social Media Platform

This is going to be short, as I am worn out and want to head to bed, but there are 2 more things I have to do just after midnight, CST, before I can do so.

Tomorrow is the 800th post on my cat blog, since New Year’s Day 2010, but something more important will occur on that blog and I invite you to stop by to help my cats celebrate.

I spent the day working on updating and adding back a collection of what I call “special pages” full of links to cat related resources from around the world, in various categories.

It is a collection built over the last 7 years and, as far as I know there is nothing, even remotely, like it anywhere in the critter blogging community. The list of links to the pages is in the sidebar.

Speaking of the critter blogging community…

In an update to the auction story, yesterday, the auction has begun and there are, so far, over 50 items up for bid, a stunning show of love and support for a friend in need, by the critter blogging world.

Day 22: Social Media Interaction Leads to Lasting Friendships…

Sometimes, to those types of friendships that lead to what I am about to share in this post.

I have been a part of a growing cat blogging community since its infancy, in 2004. I have made many friends who have been supportive of me in times of need, and encouraging of my creativity and growth as a writer.

One such friend, someone responsible for running a very popular cat blogging networking and news site, up to the end of the summer, has been having a rough time of it since she and her cats left Texas, for Maryland, last Sept., and now things are getting desperate.

Critter bloggers from across America, and possibly beyond, are coming together for an auction to raise much needed funds to help her out.

On my cat blog, today, this is how Nikita and Elvira shared the news:

OK, listen up, felinity assembled! It’s payback time!

A very dear and cherished friend is in desperate need!

We cannot tell you in enough words how much Mom ML means not just to us, Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, and Daddy Kiril, but to all of the cat blogging community.

If, like Nikita and I, you have benefited from her support through auctions, kitty birth, medical, death, and other news and announcements, over the years then it’s time to show your love and support.

Without ML, and her tortie, the dear, fragile, KC, the CB website ( would have perished long ago.

Mom ML’s friendship and encouragement of Daddy Kiril during many trying times the last 3 years, alone, plus her encouragement of him and us, in our creativity, means so very much.

Daddy Kiril is donating a book and so are Nikita and I, to the auction and we hope some of you can donate something as well.

You can learn the details of the situation and how to donate, if you choose, here:

An Auction for Our Dear Friend ML & Her Cats

Day 8: The Social Media Menagerie – A Poem

In the world of social media for animal lovers…it’s a zoo out there.

The internet and blogosphere have been taking notice since at least 2008.

The Social Media Menagerie – A Poem

When Google yahooed about the Cat Blogosphere and Dogster barked at Catster,
LinkedIn’s eyes flickered pinterestedly @Twitter, while Facebook befriended everybody.
BlogPaws petizens said, “Love my pets, my looney pets!” and YapStar said “date my pet!”
As an animal attraction took pets places where pet passions
Led to much pet boogaloo among my pet friends in Pet Lovers Paradise.

Meanwhile, at the Carnival of the Cats, weekend cat bloggers disembarked from the Friday Ark
Ready to engage in some bird boarding, and fun at the Aquaria,
Leading some to meet-up with the pet doc at Pet St. on Paw Mountain,
Who advised them, “Take an instagram of aspirin and call me in the morning”.

My Horse and I shared his thoughts on this in the pet’s area of YouTube, and ZoogleTube,
Where people n pets are amused by the cuteness on display
And the scuttlebutt and paw talk is that all of this will lead someone
To encourage his compatriots in pet blogging to
Share their thoughts on Social Media for Critter Bloggers for the entire world to see.

Articles referenced for this post: (39 social media sites made it into the poem!)

1. 16 Social Networks for Pet Lovers

2. 23 social networking sites for pet lovers

3. 25 Awesome Social Networking Sites for Animal Lovers

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