Day 72 : Blog Paws Conference Preview


BlogPaws was founded in 2009 by three pet lovers and bloggers – Caroline Golon of and Yvonne DiVita and Tom Collins of Scratchings and Sniffings and Windsor Media Enterprises.

The conferences are a great way for pet bloggers to connect with other pet bloggers  They gather to share expertise, tell stories and support one another. The sessions offer educational training and insight from industry experts in all sorts of topics such as SEO, Branding, Publishing, Video, Email Marketing, Photography, Writing, Blog Platforms, and a lot more.

This year I finally get to attend!

There are just a few days before the BlogPaws 2013 Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference and I want to share with you what’s on my agenda for those 3 days and a few other thoughts from discussions, today,  with fellow members of the Blog Paws Community Conference Newbies Group.

On day one there will be a Be the Change presentation on animal rescue at Sandy Hook and a Bloggers vs Vets discussion on how the 2 sides can work together and network.

There will be an evening welcome reception as well.

On day 2 the opening keynote speech is by Steve Dale then I plan to attend these presentations:

1. Facebook: Building fans to your page.

2. WordPress for beginners and converts.

3. Purina will be hosting a pair of presentations and I chose to attend the 2nd one:

A. The Link Between Diet and Domestication: 10,000 Years of Dietary Influences on the Canine Genome presented by Arleigh Reynolds.

B. Pet Welfare in America presented by Brenda Bax and David Meyer (of Adopt A Pet).

4. Using social media to be an effective advocate,

KIRIL-21 On day 3 the opening keynote speech is by Clara Shih, author The Facebook Era.

The presentations I want to attend are:

1. Foundations of reporting for pet bloggers.

2. How to write and print on demand your book in 90 days.

3. Taking Twitter beyond a Tweet.

4.  Standing out in the popular niche of pet blogging.

The evening will be centered on events connected with the BlogPaws 2013 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards and the “Pawty” afterwards.

Sidebar Badge1

There will be an exhibition hall, and plenty of free swag,

I am looking forward to meeting many of my fellow pet blogging friends and also meeting my friend, the creative idea gal, Amanda Socci.

It was announced today that BlogPaws Sold Out and there would be Livestreaming (Details about the livestreaming included).

I went onto the Blog Paws Community website for the first time since before my eye surgeries to catch-up and hopefully learn a few things to help this newbie survive the experience.

The hotel will have free internet for conference attendees, and many attendees will be bringing their laptops and even using them to take notes during presentations.

Me? I’ll bring my laptop, but will be using good old fashioned notepads and pen for note taking.

While the evening events will require business casual, or fancier, attire, many people will be wearing casual during the day, including t-shirts with their pets on them.

I will be bringing mine and will see about wearing it. It would definitely help people familiar with Nikita and Elvira to pick me out of the crowd.

I will be bringing all my Opinionated Pussycat business cards (around 200) and expect to be exchanging cards with many people.

I expect to learn a lot, make some useful connections and who knows what else. Most important I expect to have fun, loosen up, and relax among friends, people who understand me and my love of this particular niche of the blogosphere.

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Day 69: So You Have a Facebook Page? What Next?

Thoughts on how to get folks on FB to notice your page.

Thoughts on how to get folks on FB to notice your page.

There you are, with your brand spankin’ new Facebook page about your pet blog, the trick is now to get people to stop playing Farmville long enough to notice. 😀

The folks over at Socially Stacked have their own theories about how to go about this, and made a nifty, thought provoking  PDF one can save for future reference and study.

Their 14 ways to boost visibility and attract shares are a varied lot:

1. I post more than 5 times a week, but there’s no guarantee anyone is reading if I get no feedback.

2. Does what time I post play a role in attracting more shares? I post when I get a chance, not just the same time every day so can’t really say without feedback.

3. Would photos attract more sharing? Hey, Elvira! Come over here, I need you to lay in your patented “sexy” pose, with your food bowl!

4. Would treating your status updates as you do Twitter, and do maybe just 3 lines of text (150 characters) matter?

5. Writing something relevant to your audience might bring more likes and shares, but it still comes down to getting feedback to know.

6. Your fans like what you do so staying true to your brand makes sense if you know what your brand is and how to promote it on Facebook. Something I am still learning how best to do.

7. When it comes to asking readers to share and like how much asking is too much? With asking for comments I have no problem asking when I feel appropriate as I want feedback and am trying to engage readers in discussions of a subject.

8. Not having tried contests and surveys, but having seen others do so, I know the participation level can vary widely.

10. Before posting consider whether readers will find something useful, interesting, or entertaining. As a blogger I like to thing every post meets that standard, and when it comes to posting links to content from elsewhere I try to post things I feel worthy of sharing.

11. “Entertaining” is my middle name…and that of each of my cats, too!

12. Did I mention that we each have TWO middle names? It is “Educational”. 😀

13. Are you a list maker? Do you check it twice? Lists may attract readers who would want to share them.

14. Being seasonable is no problem; I’ve written poems with the themes based on the subjects I blog about quite often, especially during the Christmas season.

With a little time, effort and patience, these ideas may help attract an audience


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Day 62: Social Media Engagement and You

So far on this blog I’ve discussed social media engagement fears:

”Dude, what were you afraid of all these years?”

Overcoming the Fear of Trying Something Different.

Is Social Media Engagemengt a “Chore”?

Have you ever sat down and thought through what your own definition of social media engagement is?

Your own opinion, not someone else’s, or based on hours of research?

Have you ever sat down and reflected on how you engage people on social media?

Are there differences in the type of social media engagement you do from one social media site you are on to another, your blogs, compared to Facebook and Twitter?

I was asked this the other day and am thinking about how to answer.

I am also curious how readers of this blog would respond.

Leave a comment or a link to a blog post discussing these questions.


Day 59: Fine Tuning My Facebook Page Name

A salute to a great future still ahead of me

A salute to a great future still ahead of me

I’ve begun reading We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media by Kristen Lamb, and one of the things she discusses, right off the bat, is proper branding:

“As a writer, your big goal should be to link your name interminably with your content…The absolute only acceptable username (brand)  is the name you desire to publish under…The internet has valuable real estate that you will want to command. How you claim tghat  digital real estate is by using your name.”

All of my social sites use my full name, first name with last initial, or first and middle initial with last name (due to space limitations), except for my Facebook writer’s page that I set up last December.

This evening I chose to bring my FB in line with the others by changing A Mad Macedonian and 2 Opinionated Pussycats to…

Kiril Kundurazieff, Writer =

The Mad Macedonian, The Mad Houstonian, The Cycling Dude, and Opinionated Pussycats (Nikita and Elvira Mistress of Felinity) are all creative sides to me, the writer and by keeping  my name at the front of my social media efforts people will learn to associate me with those personas on my blogs.


Day 51:My Facebook Writer’s Page and I, after 3 1/2 months

My Facebook writer’a page and I have only been together for 3 1/2 months.

There are 3 questions to ask myself:

How is it’s coming along?

Is it successful for me?

What is my measurement of success?

With all that has been going on with me, the past month, these are questions I’ve not given a lot of thought to answering. Until now.

There is still much I need to learn about the statistical side of the page and what it all means.

There is still much I need to learn in order get the best use out of the page, attract more readers, and better engage them in a dialogue.

For the most part all I’ve done is post links to all of my blog posts, and ask a very few number of questions.

The fact that I’ve kept it going this long is a vast improvement over the first attempt I made at a page a few years back.

Being more engaged and knowledgeable, than at that time, has been a huge help.

Once my surgeries are done I plan on better answering all of these questions and examining the stats generated for me by Facebook.

A Mad Macedonian and 2 Opinionated Pussycats

Day 32: The Facebook Group is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

Well, for at least 333 more days anyway. 😀

It was an experiment begun by 2 people inexperienced at running Facebook groups and, in the end our inexperience and members unfamiliarity with my co-moderator, led to confusion, and some excessive crankiness by a few of the 22 members in the group who actively participated.

My friend and co-moderator, hurt and angry, left the group and there I sat alone with my 2 cats, looking out my window last night, at an angry sky that was wall to wall white lightning, sounding thunderous and pouring rain and hail the size of golf balls if not larger, for an hour.

Social Media for Critter Bloggers on Facebook was dead.

To all who showed the interest to have joined this group, and through all the unintended confusion found benefit from what we have attempted, I expressed thanks for sharing their thoughts. I know that my friend will appreciate the fact some of them have said she was of some help.

I appreciate their encouragement and support for the idea of keeping the group going, but I’ve decided not to. I never had the chance to toss in questions as I’d planned, so we could work as a team, and I could maybe learn to be a decent group moderator but my natural instinct is to dive in with thoughts on the subject in question, and toss in questions if they occur to me.

I don’t know what we were expecting, really, being first timers at running a group. It’s interesting that some understood what we were trying for, while being a little confused, and others didn’t care for it.

One of the best aspects of my blogs, both the cats and my own, over the years, is my talent as a writer, poet, storyteller, humorist, researcher, journalist, commentator, essayist, educator, reviewer, travelogue writer, etc…

I have decided to leave group administration to others with an interest in dealing with the “soap opera” side of doing so.

Our vision did not work and while it may be due to our inexperience, and changes could make the group work, it would not be what we were attempting, so I have decided to continue to focus my interest in this subject where I can make my best contribution, here on this daily blog.

If, in the future, anyone has a related topic, or question, that you think I might be interested in researching and writing about here, e-mail me at opinionated.feline (at)

The group will be removed from Facebook on Friday morning.

Day 29: Why Are You On Twitter ? What Do You Use it For?

Why are you a Twit? Or is it a Tweep? I don’t know all the slang, not by a longshot, hee, hee!

What do you, as a writer, hope to gain out of using it?

I originally joined not just as myself, but as Nikita, my cat. “Nikita” participated among other critter tweeps, but I soon noticed a troubling trend. Not everyone he followed or followed him were fellow critter bloggers, but instead people, with little in their profiles, some downright strange, who were tweeting in nonsensical ways. I decided to stop being Nikita, and eventually began to focus my own tweets more on my pet blogging and writing interests.

As for goals: As I focus more on treating my social media platforms less from the hobbyist view and more toward the “I am a writer” view, I hope to use twitter to find a readership and make connections to help me learn and move forward.

To me, following hundreds or thousands of people, or being followed by that many didn’t used to make much sense, however, I have begun to list subjects and am willing to consider following 1000 people, in my interests.

I have never felt guilty about not spending an hour a day or more on twitter, but checking my feed once a day might lead to the discovery of something that could be informative and useful to me.

Share your own thoughts in the comments.