Day 70: Making Category Titles Appealing on WordPress

As readers of this blog may have noticed the titles of my various Category Archives tended toward the looonnng side.

Having decided to see if I could shorten some of them I first went to my Typepad blogs because, there, when I changed the name of a category I could leave the original url untouched.

Having blogged for 5 years on one blog, and 3 on another changing the url on the categories would be a major hassle so I left them alone.

By running your cursor over titles, to see the url, you can see the differences on the ones I changed:

Musings of a Mad Macedonian

The Opinionated Pussycat

The first thing I noticed about WordPress was that the url changed to match the new name of the one category I tested by changing.

Wanting to learn if that was my only option I posted a question in the support forums and quickly got my answer:

ME: Can Category url remain unchanged when category name is changed?

I made a change to the name of a category. The url changed as well.

I want to change the names on other categories, reducing the name to 1 to 3 words on each.   Let’s say I want to change the name on the “Pinterest” category from what it is now to just “Pinterest”. I do NOT want the current url for that category to change if at all possible.

ANSWER from a fellow member, named timethief, who has a 5 yr. old WordPress Tips, Tools & Tutorials blog:

Category slugs (url’s) cannot be edited; they can only be deleted and re-created.

ME:  I see. That’s different than my blogs on a competitor who shall remain nameless. 😀   Of course, with only 70 blog posts it would be easy for me to change a link in any post where I might have directed people to the category so they don’t go to a blank page.   Thanks!

TIMETHIEF: You’re Welcome.

My next step was to change the names of as many of my categories as I could.

Let this be a lesson to you: Think short right off the bat and you won’t have to do what I did today.

The Blogs of Kiril Kundurazieff:

1. Musings of a Mad Macedonian

2. The Opinionated Pussycat

3. SMFCB: A 365 Day Project


Day 49: Typepad vs WordPress – My Experience 1

I first began using Typepad on 2004 and it was a major step up for me from what Blogger and MovableType were in those days. It was also comfortable to use. Complex, and complicated, in many respects, but I wasn’t interested in much of the more technical things involving CSS and HTML that I had no knowledge of back then.

Before I committed to using WordPress for this project I’d posted a few times on WP blogs, and left comments as well, and the blog editor didn’t present a problem for my simple posts.

I don’t have anything more to say on this topic until after I return from my surgeries, except to say that I am learning to be comfortable using WP’s blog editor, and still have a lot to learn and understand about the site, especially the relationship between the writer and those who follow, like, re-blog and comment on the blog.